Now that Jim Rash Has an Oscar, He’s Finally Worthy of Writing for ‘Community’


Community cast member Jim Rash won an Oscar this year for co-authoring the screenplay to The Descendants, and now that he’s achieved the highest honor in screenwriting, Community’s writers have finally given in and let him write an episode of the show. Vulture reports that Rash will be scripting one episode for the upcoming fourth season of Community (which begins Oct. 19th). If I were him, I’d drag that Oscar into the Community writers’ room and every time another Community writer would try to give me a note on a line or a scene, I’d hold up my Oscar and say, “Excuse me? How many Oscars do you have again? Jeff and Shirley are getting married if I say they’re getting married. I have more Oscars than everyone in this room combined!” If they call Paramount security to escort me off the lot, I’d use my Oscar as a weapon to fight my way out of the room and then start wandering into other TV show’s offices to boss people around because I have an Oscar!