Seth MacFarlane Will Host the Oscars

Yup! Photo: Andrew H. Walker/2011 Getty Images

Well, kudos to the Academy for thinking outside the box and picking a host for the 2013 Oscarcast that nobody really saw coming? AMPAS just announced emcee duties for Seth MacFarlane, known to you for the following accomplishments, possibly in order of importance: He created shows like Family Guy and American Dad; he directed the summer blockbuster Ted; he burned Ryan Lochte really bad on Saturday Night Live; he is dating Daenerys; he did not know where to stand or speak during the Emmys; and his arm hairs are meticulously groomed. (Also, his mother manually stimulated a dog once.) Okay, you need to let this knowledge run amok in your head for a little while. We understand. Power down your computer and start thinking all the thoughts.