This New Channel 101 Documentary Is Worth Your Time


Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab’s monthly independent film festival, Channel 101, turns 10 next year, and L.A.-based filmmaker Dave Seger put together this wonderful 45-minute documentary about 101’s rise and its influence on web, sketch, and television comedy. Between the monthly L.A. screenings and a sister festival in New York, Channel 101 gave a voice to rising sketch groups like The Lonely Island, Derrick, Human Giant, and Tim and Eric, and caught the eye of big-name celebs like Jack Black, Drew Carey, and Sarah Silverman. The documentary does a fine job of summing up the Channel 101 aesthetic, while scoring some insight from a lot of the fest’s key players like Rob Schrab, Justin Roiland, and Steve Agee. Unfortunately, Dan Harmon doesn’t make an appearance. He’s been busy with stuff.