Here’s What You Missed at Jay-Z’s Last Brooklyn Show


In a name: Beyoncé. After a week of mostly guestless shows, Jay-Z broke his Jay-Z-Only rule long enough to bring out Mrs. Shawn Carter, who promptly wished a happy birthday to Gwyneth Paltrow (it was two weeks ago but whatever) and then danced so hard during "Crazy in Love" that Jay forgot to rap. Or maybe he was backstage on Hopstop trying to figure out his return subway route?  ("Is the 3 running this weekend? Does anyone know?") Anyway, Beyoncé: still very good at the "uh oh" dance! And one more Barclays related Jay-Z fact: He's releasing an EP, Live in Brooklyn, so you can reliably lie to your kids about what it was like to see Jay come home.