You Had To Be There #82: Jeff Dye


This week, Nikki and Sara are back in Brooklyn and reflecting on their busy September travels. The ladies recently collaborated with their guest comedian Jeff Dye (Last Comic Standing) on a couple episodes of his insane MTV series Money From Strangers. Jeff conveys the mind-altering power of playing God on a prank show and Sara and Nikki offer previews of the most absurd situations they controlled during their stint in the MFS van. The podcast gets healthy as Sara, a newly-minted jock, compares her grueling running regimen with Jeff’s torturous LA workouts and Jeff warns the group about the perils of scammer yogis. Listen ‘til the end and you’ll discover the dark side of uplifting TV, experience the thrill of gift-giving/getting when Nikki surprises Sara with a wobbly collectable, and learn more about rats than you will from any other podcast this week, guaranteed.

Download now (MP3), grab it from iTunes, or listen to the stream below.