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ABC Cancels 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort

666 PARK AVENUE - "666 Park Avenue" stars Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen, Dave Annable as Henry Martin, Robert Buckley as Brian Leonard, Mercedes Masöhn as Louise Leonard, Helena Mattsson as Alexis Blume, Samantha Logan as Nona Clark, with Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran and Terry O'Quinn as Gavin Doran. Based on the book series by Gabriella Pierce, "666 Park Avenue" was written by David Wilcox, who is also an executive producer along with Matthew Miller, Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo and Alex Graves. The pilot for "666 Park Avenue" was directed by Alex Graves. "666 Park Avenue" is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Alloy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. (ABC/ANDREW ECCLES)

ABC's 666 Park Avenue, starring Terry "Locke on Lost" O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams, has been canceled, as well as the submarine thriller Last Resort. Both shows aired their seventh episodes this past week and will finish out their thirteen-episode orders. While both got so-so ratings, Last Resort's loss is a bit of a surprise in the quality department. However, "as with last year’s Pan Am, ABC is retaining its option to revive either show for next season," reports EW.

Photo: Andrew Eccles/ABC