ABC Picks Up Full Season of Nashville

NASHVILLE - "Move It on Over" -- Rayna considers moving on after Deacon starts to set boundaries in their relationship; Juliette struggles with her mom's addictions and Deacon offers a helping hand -- which leads to difficult memories from his past; Teddy is worried that his mayoral campaign will be derailed when his past with Peggy and his financial troubles border on being exposed; and tension with Avery and Gunnar is at a boiling point, as Scarlet feels the pressure to pick her path, on "Nashville" Photo: Katherine Bomboy-Thornton/ABC

Nashville will stick around ABC for the rest of its freshman season, the network announced on Monday. At the outset, New York's Matt Zoller Seitz lauded the show for seeming unlike "a new series but instead one that had been around for years and that I’d just now discovered. It feels lived-in, confident. That’s a good sign." Here's to more genuinely singable music and indistinguishably studly males!