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Holiday Shopping: ’Tis the Season to Buy T-Shirts Based on Your Favorite TV Shows

With the holidays upon us, there has never been a better time to channel your friends' and relatives' geeky fanaticism for their favorite TV shows into a perfect stocking stuffer: the T-shirt. We've visited every corner of the Internet to create the ultimate list, directing you to the best of the best in TV-themed T-shirts that go beyond the usual obvious catchphrase or show title. These are deep-cut tees, the sort that will have fellow true fans giving the secret true-fan nod of recognition to its wearer on the street. Now the recipients can wear their worship for Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and many more shows on their sleeve — actually, make that two sleeves!

30 Rock

Amazon, $18.71

TShirt Pusher, $19.50

Bob's Burgers

Busted Tees, $20

Breaking Bad

Etsy, $22

Etsy, £8.99

Doctor Who

Etsy, $26

Threadless, $11.99

Game of Thrones

Etsy, £16.50

Etsy, £10.00

General Fandom

Etsy, $10

How I Met Your Mother

Etsy, $12.99

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Society6, $22

StuffKing, $16.99


Wayward Tees, $25.99

Mad Men

Spread Shirt, $25.70

Tee Fury, by commission

Parks and Recreation

Etsy, by commission

Etsy, $18

Sons of Anarchy

T-Shirt Bully, $18

The Walking Dead

Skreened, $26.99

The Wire

Shirt City, $22.90

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