New Movies Added to Sundance 2013, Including Two From James Franco

James Franco is excited(?) for Sundance Corbis

Yesterday, we told you the first round of Sundance 2013 movies. Well, the festival has kicked it up a couple notches, or you could say they Franco'ed it up a couple Francos. The festival has add both Franco's "homo-sex-art-film" Interior. Leather Bar and kink, the documentary about the S&M porn studio that Franco worked on with his cinematographer Christina Voros (Voros is credited as the director, with Franco as a producer). 

In non-Franco movies (if such a thing is really possible), they added S-VHS, the rapidly produced sequel to horror omnibus V/H/S; Hell Baby, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant's horror comedy; Ass Backwards, a road-trip comedy written by and starring Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael; a Sarah Polly documentary Stories We Tell; and Jeff Nichols's Matthew McConaughey–and–Reese Witherspoon–starring Mud. As McConaughey would say, alright alright alright, Sundance.