Netflix Might Help The Killing Get Third Season

Who also killed Rosie Larsen? Photo: Carole Segal/AMC

Reactivate the old Bockmail account and send a complaint e-mail to Netflix, because the streaming site is close to a deal to help revive The Killing. It was reported this summer that both Netflix and DirecTV were looking to revive the Seattle-set show, but the former appears to have "won" out. Netflix would work with AMC to produce a third season of the  much loved  show. It's a move similar to DirecTV's deal with NBC for Friday Night Lights, but instead of mailing lightbulbs, the show's fans sent flip phones. The good news is at least we'll finally get to learn who killed Rosie Larsen. What? Oh, we already learned last season that it was the aunt? Never mind, then — there's no good news.