Paul Revere Helping AMC Break Into Comedy


AMC has scooped up a lot of new shows since its dawn into our modern lives with Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Most acquisitions, perhaps excluding the now mega-huge Walking Dead, have been decisively unsurprising head-nodders — an old-timey show about trains; a series about a (one; 1) killing; something set in the eighties and another thing in the 1770s; a pair of murder mysteries; an Area 51 project; a legal thriller; another period drama, albeit interestingly about a Native American college football team. Now, at last, an honest-to-goodness eyebrow-raiser: "AMC is heading to Colonial Boston for a comedy project, now in development. Titled We Hate Paul Revere, it is written and executive produced by writer-actors Ethan Sandler and Adrian Wenner (Whitney). It centers on two brothers living in Colonial Boston who are not fans of local industrialist and activist Paul Revere." Well ... wow.