Watch an A Cappella Brawl Cut From Pitch Perfect


More often than not, it is pretty easy to figure out why a deleted scene released on a DVD was left on the cutting room floor. But not so with this exclusive clip from the Pitch Perfect Blu-ray/DVD set (out Dec. 18), thanks to the hilarious mention of banana farts, finger blades, and a little light racism. Not intrigued yet? What if we told you there’s also a tawdry peek at Har Mar Superstar’s more-than-ample abs and a few seconds of the awesome Rebel Wilson to fill you with glee?

Pitch Perfect is not just about a capella. It's about the warring factions within a capella — and not just between groups from the same college. No, the animosity extends well into the alumni circuit. In this cut scene, the all-male Treblemakers face off against the middle-aged Tonehangers. It doesn’t take long before the trash talk gets physical like Olivia Newton-John: Adam Devine trades threats with the Daily Show’s Jason Jones. Donald Faison tangles with Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Jo Lo Truglio plays the woe-is-me card with Skylar Astin. And as previously mentioned, Har Mar is more of a lover than a fighter. There are more deleted and extended scenes on the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD, along with a "Line-O-Rama" montage of one-liners, a music video, feature commentary with director Jason Moore, and more. But now watch as things get ugly in the key of C.