Adam Carolla Sued for the Second Time in One Week


On Tuesday, we reported that wildly-popular podcaster Adam Carolla’s company had been sued over a podcast patent dispute, and now, news come in that “The Ace-Man,” as he prefers to be called, is adding another lawsuit to his plate. Carolla is being sued by former business partners Donny Misraje, Kathee Schneider-Misraje, and Sandy Ganz, who are claiming that Carolla broke their partnership agreement and failed to pay them for the work they invested in the business and rewards they deserved once said business became profitable. Donny Misraje is Carolla’s ex-producer who convinced him to move to podcasting after his radio show was canceled in 2009. Misraje and wife Kathee Schneider-Misraje helped Carolla to build his podcast network and live show, with Sandy Ganz developing the company’s website. The trio was let go by Carolla in 2011. This lawsuit and the patent lawsuit are coming in during a busy week for Adam Carolla, with the comedian in the midst of launching the Video Podcast Network, a new YouTube channel that will provide audiences with fully-produced visual versions of podcasts like The Adam Carolla Show, Comedy Bang Bang, Who Charted?, and more. Hopefully, for Carolla’s sake, this is the last time somebody sues him this week because a three-lawsuit week sounds pretty terrible.