Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity Finally Has Its Release Date

Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron adresses the audience during a meeting with young people in the sidelines of the XVIII Ibero American Summit in San Salvador on October 30, 2008. Leaders from Spain, Portugal and Latin America seek to present a joint statement at a meeting of the Group of Twenty (G20) leaders on the global financial crisis in Washington on November 15. AFP PHOTO MIGUEL ALVAREZ (Photo credit should read MIGUEL ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images) Photo: MIGUEL ALVAREZ/2008 AFP

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, which we've been dreaming about since maybe before 2006's Children of Men, is now set for Oct. 4, 2013. Originally slated for November 2012, it stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts stranded in space. It's also reported to have an uninterrupted twenty-minute opening scene and as much digital work as Avatar.