The Americans: This Is What Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’ Sounds Like Without the Horns

August 31 or September 1, 1980 --- Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham perform on stage during a concert. Photo: Neal Preston/Corbis

If you happen to follow TV critics and insiders on social media, you might have observed many of them writing some variation of "TUSK!" or "OMG TUSK!" over the past week. And following the premiere of The Americans on FX last night, you now know why — the opening minutes of the show were set to the tension-ratcheting drums and horns of the 1979 Fleetwood Mac song. And it's in your head now. So why try to fight it?

The original employed the orchestration of the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band. This is what they look like performing it:

Of course, the band couldn't bring an entire marching band on tour with them, so instead, they had band member Christine McVie play the horns' part on the accordion:

Then again, in 1997, when they recorded their live album The Dance, Fleetwood Mac said, "Why the hell not?" and brought the Trojans back for the song: