Andy Richter to Guest Star as Penny’s Young Dad on ‘Happy Endings’


Sidekick extraordinaire Andy Richter has been tapped to play Penny’s (Casey Wilson) father in an upcoming episode of Happy Endings set to air this spring, TV Line reports. Richter, 46, is only 14 years older than Wilson, 32 (I did the math for you. No need to double-check it), but Richter’s episode of the show “will address the pair’s relatively tiny age difference,” according to TV Line. We met Penny’s mother Dana Hartz (played by Megan Mullally) in two episodes last season, but this will be the first we’ve seen of her father. Considering that he was married to quirky lounger singer Dana, Penny’s father is probably gonna be a pretty weird guy himself, probably with a quirk like having the power to control the universe or something.