Beyoncé’s Alleged Super Bowl Set List Is Here


Look, we're less than a month into 2013. If you're already experiencing symptoms of TMB (Too Much Beyoncé), you need a new strategy that involves avoiding screens and speakers, because she's got an inauguration behind her (maybe you heard?), an HBO documentary ahead, a fifth album to drop, a Hova-husband (still), maybe another superbaby to birth (never say never), and a Super Bowl performance to rock. So deal with it. As for that Super Bowl set list, she's reportedly planning to perform "Crazy in Love" and some still-secret solo songs, followed by the Destiny's Child reunion portion featuring "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Survivor," and the new jam "Nuclear." Of course now that Bey knows we know, she's probably starting all over. And hopefully planning an amazing wink at the whole lip-synching thing.