Jonathan Ames Shares the Ins and Outs of Writing


“I think with every project we expect something more than what happens. We all love to be disappointed… The biggest crusher for me was that my second novel, The Extra Man, was rejected by about twenty publishers. I had been certain it was a good book and had devoted nearly five years of desperate living to writing it. They were my brokest, leanest years, which included moving back in with my parents at age 30 after a crack-binge, and so I was devastated when no one wanted the book. Then, months after all the rejections had rolled in, breaking my heart and my fragile ego, one publisher did want the book.”

- Jonathan Ames, author/creator of HBO’s Bored to Death, in a lengthy questionnaire for Full Stop that goes pretty deep into his thoughts on writing-related things. It’s well worth the read for fans of Ames or fans of writing-related things.