Justin Bieber Is Taking His Breakup Pretty Hard

Photo: FameFlynet Pictures

To recap, in case you're just here for the music or whatever: Justin Bieber and his sorta longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez finally called it quits last month after a long, dramatic, "We Are Never Ever"-style breakup. There were security-gate standoffs; there was a last-chance ski trip; there were "Cry Me a River" covers. And now, with the release of Bieber's Believe acoustic album, comes the first breakup song. "Nothing Like Us" is certainly not an Adele-level cry, nor does it have the biting (and heartbreaking) specificity of certain other pop-star-targeted kiss-offs, but: Justin Bieber sounds pretty sad! He's also putting Selena Gomez on blast for drinking too much, which is hilarious and frankly just makes her Spring Breakers reinvention all the more believable. But mostly he just sounds bummed. "Girl, why would you push me away?" Aw, little swaggy.