Ken Marino’s Web Series ‘Burning Love’ Is Coming to TV


The Yahoo! web series Burning Love is being edited into a TV show that will begin airing on the E! network next month, Entertainment Weekly reports. For those who haven’t seen it, the show is a Bachelor parody that starred Ken Marino as a firefighter looking for love during its first season and is written by Marino’s wife Erica Oyama (Childrens Hospital). Burning Love aired last year on Yahoo! Screen and was a big viral hit. The 14-episode first season will be edited into seven half-hour episodes much in the way that Rob Corddry’s web series Childrens Hospital was edited into a 15-minute series for Adult Swim its first season. Burning Love makes its TV debut on E! on Monday, February 25th, at 10pm, and its second season, starring June Diane Raphael, begins airing in web form on Yahoo! Screen starting Feb. 14th. It remains to be seen whether the second (and upcoming third all-star season) will be airing on E! too or if this will turn into a TV show a la Childrens Hospital in the future instead of airing new content as a web series first. E! seems like a strange network for this to end up on, though they have built a comedy brand with The Soup and Chelsea Lately over the past few years. As long as this is the first step towards Ken Marino and Ice Cube starring in a reality show together some day, I’m on board.