That Time Kevin Bacon Tried to Meet Allison Williams, Got Denied

Actor Kevin Bacon attends "The Following" World Premiere at The New York Public Library on January 18, 2013 in New York City.
Kevin Bacon. Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

At the premiere party for his new serial-killer thriller The Following, we asked Kevin Bacon if he ever stopped by the Girls set (it’s one stage over from his). He didn’t, but he did have a Girls run-in that very morning. “I’ll tell ya,” he said, “today I was on Kelly and Michael, and Allison Williams was on the show, too, and her dressing room was right next door. So I thought I’d go and knock and say how much I liked the show, because I’m such a big fan — and they wouldn’t open the door! I couldn’t even get into the dressing room!” At this point, his co-star Natalie Zea chimes in: “Did you say, [does a deep voice] ‘I’m Kevin Bacon!’” “No,” he said. “They’re very, very exclusive over there.” He remains a Girls fan nonetheless. “I was thinking about the fact that if I wasn’t already on a show, Girls would be a show I’d want to be on. But think about it — I’d have to go on as the grandfather.” Or Adam’s dad, we suggest. “Or the creepy uncle. But I don’t want to be that.”

Kevin Bacon Tried to Meet Allison Williams