Last Night on Late Night: Max Greenfield, Too Starstruck to Take Bill Hader’s Advice on Lorne Michaels at the Golden Globes


Last night on Late Night, Max Greenfield, self-admitted SNL fanatic, recounted his special moment at the Golden Globes. He'd just spotted his television idol, Lorne Michaels, and fortified by Bill Hader's words — "Listen, if you ever see [Lorne], you've gotta tell him the story about your bar mitzvah" — gathered the courage to walk on over to his table ... only to commit the old glance and keep on movin'. Womp, womp. Plus: Allison Williams warns her family of any Girls sex scenes using "technical" terms such as "I'm on top him and I'm straddling him" or "I have just a bra on. The dress has been pulled down." Also: Jay Leno's creepy advances at Catherine Zeta-Jones; and David Morrissey's sweet interpretation of his role as the governor on The Walking Dead. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.