More Bad News for Don’t Trust the B

DON'T TRUST THE B---- IN APARTMENT 23 - "A Weekend in the Hamptons..." - Everyone is in a bit of a funk -- June is obsessively awaiting news on a potential job and James is down on his luck -- so Chloe drags everyone along on a weekend getaway to the Hamptons. It's Chloe's mission to have the ultimate rager, crash the party of the year and hook up with the illusive host. However the road to debauchery keeps taking the wrong turn down paths of reflection, on "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" Photo: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

ABC has no current plans to air any more episodes of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. This week, The Taste has a two-hour premiere, and next week, Happy Endings will air two episodes. This is but the latest in a long line of crummy scheduling moves for both shows, and it does not exactly instill confidence in either series' futures. Quick, yank out an eyelash and wish for Netflix to save them.