The Star Wars TV Show May Get Some Play at ABC

Photo: Kevin Winter/2011 Getty Images

A potentially great side effect of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm: That Star Wars TV show — the adult-oriented one that's been likened to "Deadwood in space" — may actually happen sometime this decade. Fifty scripts overseen by recently departed Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum have been sitting on a shelf for a while, and they now look a little more viable with ABC right there in the corporate family. That said, it's unclear if Star Wars: Episode VII's 2015 release could work for or against the TV show launching in the near future. "It’s going to be very much up to the Lucasfilm brands how they want to play it," ABC entertainment president Paul Lee tells Entertainment Weekly. "We got to a point here with Marvel, a very special point, where we’re in the Marvel universe, and very relevantly so, but we’re not doing The Avengers. But S.H.I.E.L.D. is part of The Avengers. So maybe something oblique is the way to [approach the Star Wars universe] rather than going straight head-on at it." If that sounds promising enough that you want a subject matter reminder, the show at one point referred to as Star Wars: Underworld would detail rival crime families on Coruscant, set between the classic trilogy and the prequels.