Steve Carell Not Likely to Return for the ‘Office’ Finale


When The Office says goodbye this May, it looks like Michael Scott won’t be joining in on the farewell. NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt revealed to reporters this weekend that the long-lasting Peacock sitcom will close out its nine-season run with a one-hour finale in May but that there are no plans to involve Steve Carell because Carell is satisfied with his character’s exit from the show two years ago in the seventh season episode “Goodbye, Michael.” Greenblatt told the press, “I’m hopeful, but I don’t think he will be back. He left in the way that he wanted that character to leave,” before adding, “There’s maybe a little Hail Mary pass on a cameo, but I think the decision is that he [doesn’t want to compromise] his [original] exit.” When asked about returning by The LA Times in June, Carell explained his feelings:

It hasn’t been discussed … Do you really think that people want to see Michael Scott again? I think the people who say they want to see Michael Scott reappear would be ultimately slightly disappointed. I think you always wish for something that you don’t sincerely want to come true. And I think in a way it’s better to imagine where Michael and Holly are at this point than actually see it.