Tina Fey Wants to Make a ‘Mean Girls’ Musical


Tina Fey is hoping to work on a musical based on the movie Mean Girls soon. While asked about it on the red carpet at the SAG Awards last night, Fey said, “Maybe! We want to. I would love to. I’m trying to develop it with my husband, who does all the music for 30 Rock and I think Paramount’s onboard.” She also mentioned Mariah Carey as a possibility for Amy Poehler’s “cool mom” part. With 30 Rock ending its run this week, the Mean Girls musical could end up being one of her next projects, but it’ll be hard to squeeze it in with all the stuff she’s busy with. She’s currently developing a new show for NBC with 30 Rock co-showrunner and producer/her husband Jeff Richmond, preparing to star alongside Ricky Gervais and Ty Burrell in the new Muppet movie, and hopefully co-hosting every awards show from now on with Amy Poehler.