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oscars 2013

We Found Lost Pages From the Django Unchained, Lincoln, and Flight Scripts!

Over the past month, Vulture's Kyle Buchanan talked to many screenwriters of the best-reviewed scripts of the year about the toughest scenes they had to crack. But sometimes the most difficult part of screenwriting isn't the writing — it's the editing. After a long weekend of Dumpster diving, we have uncovered pages cut out of three of this year's Oscar-nominated screenplays.* While fascinating examples of what might have been, their excision was probably ultimately a good idea. Read on to see Calvin Candie's lost dinner-party debate from Django Unchained, a fiery bit of parliamentary procedure from Lincoln, and a bit of comic relief during Flight's plane crash.

Django Unchained, by Quentin Tarantino

Lincoln, by Tony Kushner

Flight, by John Gatins

* It is quite possible that we were in the wrong Dumpster and have been had.

Photo: The Weinstein Company