Michelle Williams Is Not Ready to Confirm a Destiny’s Child Reunion

Photo: Randi Radcliff/Getty Images

The Destiny’s Child Super Bowl reunion — though still unconfirmed — was pretty much a given: They’ve got a new single to promote; Beyoncé’s leaked set list included three DC songs; and one assumed that Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland probably would not turn down the opportunity to stand next to Beyoncé in front of millions of people (even after the great Lip-Synching Scandal of 2013). Williams is still not ready to admit as much, though. “That’s not confirmed. It is rumored," she told a red-carpet reporter last night. "I’m gonna be in the musical Fela! I hate to disappoint the people and tell them that it’s not true." Luckily, the Fela! producers are not ready to disappoint the people who buy a ticket to see Michelle Williams, and so they have announced on their website that she will not be appearing January 31 to February 3 — presumably so she can go sing at the Super Bowl. (Good eye, Gawker commenter!) LeToya and LaTavia are so bummed right now.