You Had To Be There #95: Michelle Wolf


This week, Sara and Nikki reveal their hidden motives for hosting a TV show: proving their tween Twitter haters wrong and meeting famous men. It’s been a big day for up-and-coming guest comic Michelle Wolf, who arrives at the podcast-office straight from getting herself strategically fired from her impressive-sounding job. Michelle outlines her origin story, twisting from her involvement in the Bear Stearns collapse to her experiments with pretty much every type of comedy and eventually bringing her to today, her first day of fully committing to the craft. Your humble hosts have weathered the risk and excitement of this transition before and offering their insight on the situation leads to a frank and lively discussion about the feelings of workplace confidence and self-loathing that exist in every job everywhere. Before bouncin’, the trio talks pee about Jimmy Pardo’s landmark podcast Never Not Funny, Cory Cavin’s rising webseries Model Wife, and Beyonce’s upcomin’ rip-roarin’ scandal-crushin’ Super Bowl show.

Oh, hey, and REMEMBER: Nikki and Sara’s well-titled TV show Nikki & Sara LIVE premieres THIS TUESDAY 1/29 at 11pm/10c on MTV! Ahhh! Gather ‘round the telly with your family and friends and be there from the beginning.

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