Anthony Jeselnik and Pete Holmes Talk to Each Other About Comedy Stuff for ‘Vulture’


“On Fallon, we would have these pitch meetings. And every single time I would pitch, it would be the biggest disaster of all time. Some of the writers would laugh, but Jimmy would always stare at me as if I was trying to make fun of him, which I wasn’t at all. The producer said to me a couple times, ‘Listen, we all know you’re funny, but these bits you’re pitching, they’d be great for The Anthony Jeselnik Show, but they’re not right for The Jimmy Fallon Show.’ And after a couple times hearing that, I was like, ‘God, that Anthony Jeselnik Show sounds really funny.’”

- Anthony Jeselnik, star of Comedy Central’s new series The Jeselnik Offensive, being interviewed for print by fellow comedian Pete Holmes for Vulture. It’s like a really old-fashioned version of a podcast.