Chris Gethard to TV Networks: ‘You Should Be Scared of the Internet Killing Your Medium’


“Put my show on at 2 in the morning. We’ll be the cheapest show to produce. Some cable network: Put us on at 2 a.m. Give us almost no money. It’ll still be more money than we get on public access. Let us take a chance on this idea that if we create this completely interactive show, that people really feel like is theirs, that it will click. It will click in the way that things on the Internet click. That’s what I want to say to TV development people … ‘You shouldn’t be scared of this thing. What you should be scared of is the Internet killing your medium. There’s this looming cloud that you guys aren’t adapting to.’”

- Chris Gethard, host of the high-rated video podcast/public access show The Chris Gethard Show, laying down the gauntlet to TV networks via The AV Club.