Cleopatra Miniseries Coming to Lifetime

Photo: Bettmann/Corbis

Lifetime is making a four-hour Cleopatra miniseries, Deadline reports. Oooh, fun. Call dibs on that Halloween costume now, anyone who wants to go as something sort of glamorous and makeup-intensive but decidedly not slutty, bleh. Historical miniseries are pretty far outside Lifetime's typical purview, so we thought we'd help them by coming up with some Lifetime-y names for the program, in the vein of all those classic Lifetime made-for-TV movies:

  • A Line in the Sand: The Cleopatra Story
  • Great Caesar's Ghost: The Cleopatra Story
  • Songs in the Key of Egypt: The Cleopatra Story
  • Greek to Me: The Cleopatra Story
  • Too Young to Rule: The Cleopatra Story