The Many Dude Tank Tops of the CW


The CW prides itself on its attractive casts. Lithe young women in impractical high heels teeter through rites of passage; hunky young men let their hair fall in their eyes as they contemplate nobly battling the forces of evil. And the costuming departments for all of the shows (Arrow, Hart of Dixie, The Vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast, and more) all get the same memo for the men: more arms. So vampire, superhero, and country boys alike are all decked out in the same garment — tank tops. You might think the CW is a television network, but it's actually mostly a male-undershirt marketing mechanism. And we have proof! Please note that these photos are only from this season — had we gone further back, we'd be in a bicep black hole for all of eternity.