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weekend box office

Die Hard Sequel Blasts Ahead of Identity Thief

It's been six years since the last Die Hard, but Bruce Willis has still got it: A Good Day to Die Hard hauled in a record $61.5 million worldwide, $24.9 million of that domestically. Not far behind, at $23.4 million for the weekend, was the Melissa McCarthyJason Bateman comedy Identity Thief. Coming in at a close third was fugitive romance Safe Haven, which pulled in $21.5 million from couples still basking in the post-Valentine's Day glow. And zombie romance Warm Bodies earned $9.1 million, putting it behind the messy animation of Escape From Planet Earth ($15.8 million), which also out-earned the YA-friendly witches in Beautiful Creatures ($7.4 million.)

Photo: 20th Century Fox