Eugene Mirman’s Reddit AMA Session Got Really Weird


Comedian Eugene Mirman did a question-and-answer session on Reddit today, and things instantly got super weird. Right off the bat, Mirman was asked a question by a Reddit user who had been masturbating on the webcam site Chat Roulette when he got randomly linked up with Mirman doing a live comedy show and using Chat Roulette with a projector in front of an audience. On top of that, the internet masturbator recognized Mirman and asked if it was him, and it got written up in The Huffington Post. That’s easily one of the weirdest interactions to ever happen on a Reddit AMA, but there’s also a guy who got Eugene Mirman’s face tattooed on his arm during one of Mirman’s shows who just wanted to say hi. Hit the jump for highlights from the AMA session (typos theirs, not mine):

REDDIT USER: I was masturbating on Chatroulette one night and got conneted to you, on stage, with me on a projector. Then I said “Eugene Mirman???”. You replied “No, (some other comedian’s name)”. How great of a laugh did my dick get? Best story that I will never tell anyone ever. THANKS!Mirman: I completely remember that. I ran around Union Hall for 10 minutes laughing and saying that it was the most ridiculous thing I could imagine happening. Thanks!SAME REDDIT USER: I got a writeup in HuffPo: When an anonymous masturbator types “OMG EUGENE MIRMAN”, the name of the professional comedian currently manning the laptop at that point, Mirman does a lap of the room in hysterics, patted on the back and high-fived by well-wishers. Will the excitement of group ChatRoulette live on? Mirman, for one, has his doubts. “I certainly don’t think it will be as exciting,” he says. “People might be using it but it won’t nearly have the same level of frenzy to it.” “I hope people won’t be typing my name as they rub their penis into the camera,” Mirman continued, before pausing and smiling, “But you know what? To each his own!”We both peaked that night, I think. “anonymous masturbator” and “professional comedian”.Mirman: I was right! The level of excitement about ChatRoulette totally died down. I should get a job as a low level trendspotter!