Grimes Defends Beyoncé, Psy, Pop-Music Fans Everywhere

Musician Grimes at the Treasure Island Music Festival, San Francisco, CA, October 13, 2012 Photo: Josh Sanseri/Corbis

Earlier today, indie-pop wunderkind Grimes hopped on Tumblr to defend her Favorite Songs of 2012 list and, in doing so, ended up defending the rights of Top 40 pop enthusiasts the world over. Some highlights: "How can you hate Beyoncé? She's changing the world. She stands for people of colour and women everywhere succeeding in a stifling patriarchy without compromising her morals." And on Psy: "I'm sorry, but I think it's fucking incredible that a Korean language song is the most popular thing on the planet. That's so good for humanity." There's also a great Mariah Carey quote. Grimes just deleted her entire Tumblr (Let Grimes live, Internet!), but Pitchfork has a good chunk of the post.