From Princess Di to Game of Thrones: See Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope in Famous Wedding Dresses

Photo: Martin Meissner/? Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

Tonight, barring cold feet or another Pawnee emergency drill, Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope will marry her civil-servant Prince Charming in a surprise town wedding. Given the circumstances, Leslie will probably not march down the aisle in a white bolero jacket inspired by Hillary Clinton (unless she's had the dress hidden away since second grade. Don't put it past her). But that doesn't mean she hasn't been scrap-booking all of her ideas for months, imagining herself as the bride in classic and iconic weddings.

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Ben's former enthusiasm for calzones is pretty much equivalent to being a vampire.

Everyone wants to try on the Carrie Bradshaw dress, but it's pretty much impossible to imagine Ben ditching Leslie at the altar.

If Diana was the "people's princess," might Leslie be "Pawnee's princess"?

Ben's too dorky to be Joe DiMaggio, so he's Arthur Miller to Leslie's Marilyn Monroe.

Photo: Martin Meissner/? Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

Not pictured: Anne as Pippa, April as the little girl covering her ears.

Leslie makes a good Grace Kelly. (Grace Kelly was really into municipal services, right?)

Khaleesi! If scarfing down a horse heart would solve any of Pawnee's problems, there's no doubt Leslie would do it.