From Princess Di to Game of Thrones: See Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope in Famous Wedding Dresses

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Tonight, barring cold feet or another Pawnee emergency drill, Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope will marry her civil-servant Prince Charming in a surprise town wedding. Given the circumstances, Leslie will probably not march down the aisle in a white bolero jacket inspired by Hillary Clinton (unless she's had the dress hidden away since second grade. Don't put it past her). But that doesn't mean she hasn't been scrap-booking all of her ideas for months, imagining herself as the bride in classic and iconic weddings.

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Ben's former enthusiasm for calzones is pretty much equivalent to being a vampire.

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Everyone wants to try on the Carrie Bradshaw dress, but it's pretty much impossible to imagine Ben ditching Leslie at the altar.

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If Diana was the "people's princess," might Leslie be "Pawnee's princess"?

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Ben's too dorky to be Joe DiMaggio, so he's Arthur Miller to Leslie's Marilyn Monroe.

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Not pictured: Anne as Pippa, April as the little girl covering her ears.

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Leslie makes a good Grace Kelly. (Grace Kelly was really into municipal services, right?)

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Khaleesi! If scarfing down a horse heart would solve any of Pawnee's problems, there's no doubt Leslie would do it.