Warm Bodies Alive at Weekend Box Office


Zombie romantic comedy Warm Bodies — a "rom com zom," as Lionsgate is billing it — took an easy lead this Super Bowl weekend. Its $20 million haul far outstripped the meager $4.5 million brought in by fellow newcomer Bullet in the Head, Sylvester Stallone's new thriller, which came in sixth. Joining Warm Bodies in the top five were Hansel & Gretel ($9.2 million), Mama ($6.7 million), and the now familiar Silver Linings Playbook ($8.1 million) and Zero Dark Thirty ($5.3 million), which both passed the $75 million mark this weekend. In the documentary section, Koch, commemorating the life of just-departed former New York mayor, opened in two theaters with $40,000 in ticket sales.