Watch The Simpsons’ Oscar-Nominated Short


Maggie is the least hyped member of The Simpsons family. However, behind those pacifier sounds, has always existed a hilarious silent movie actress. Through the show's twenty-plus years, she's been able to do a lot with just a variety of eyeball movements. And now she's nominated for an Oscar! (Head on over to Vulture's interactive Oscar ballot and put in your pick for Best Animated Short as well as every other category.) The Longest Daycare, which originally showed before Ice Age: Continental Drift, is a sequel of sorts to The Simpsons' Great Escape parody from the classic season-four episode "A Streetcar Named Marge." The short pits Maggie against her eternal nemesis Baby Gerald, as he's using a mallet to make impromptu butterfly wall art. It's an engaging little story, with some really sweet moments and some super-funny ones — the takedown of Goodnight Moon is perfect and a long time coming — but can it win the Oscar for Best Animated Short? Disney's love-affirming Paperman might be the front-runner, but The Longest Daycare has the starpower. We'll see on Sunday. Either way, Maggie will look totally adorable on the red carpet.