You Had To Be There #97: Yannis Pappas


This week, Nikki and Sara marvel at how, two weeks in, they’ve already gotten used to the process of making their television show. Sara recently saw Django Unchained in a now-rare moment of free time and when she says she liked it, Brooklyn-born comic and certified “grown man” (see ep. 96) Yannis Pappas (Modern Comedian, Twitter) offers his wholehearted agreement. After flinging fury at Brooklyn’s bogus new neighborhoods, Philly’s sports obsessions, and Beantown’s general demeanor, Yannis tells the story of the shooting that shoved him into maturity early on in his career. The trio muse a bit on their futile little legacies but soon leap into a joyous edition of Talking Pee that includes a previral guessing game on YouTube, a playful pedometer on everyone’s waistband, Yannis’s modest dog zoo, and Nikki’s upcoming appearance on The Burn. Check her out this Tuesday (2/12) on Comedy Central at 10.30pm/9.30c…

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