You Had To Be There #98: Andrew W.K.


This week, Sara and Nikki react live on-mic to their first taste of the Suit & Tie video (or at least to the best bits, until all that wacky jumping business). After considering to which drug Vine is most similar, the ladies share some dark thoughts and weird feelings that follow them through life and the causes and goals that help them cope. Looking like a badass angel from a half-remembered dream (probably involving cereal), rocker, proprietor, and professional partier Andrew W.K. suddenly appears to give one crazy-entertaining interview. Besides discussing the many merits of the Internet and his first-rate Twitter, Andrew riffs on awesome childhood parties of yore, mind-blowing vision boards, and the only Party Tip he ever regrets endorsing.

If you’re going to be anywhere near Boston on March 1st and you’re a listener of this ol’ podcast, then come see Nikki tape her Comedy Central half hour special! It’ll be incredibly fun and extremely free. Click here to get the deets and reserve yr seats. (And if you’re going to be anywhere near a TV this Tuesday at 11pm/10c, then fire up MTV and watch Nikki & Sara LIVE whydontcha.)

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Download now (MP3), grab it from iTunes, or listen to the stream below.