You Had To Be There #99: Michael Che


This week, Sara and Nikki conduct a no-nonsense all-business intro before announcing their pick for the YHTBT-designed listener-proposed website to be created on Squarespace: an entire site exclusively devoted to Talking Pee. The ladies welcome rising comic Michael Che (Best Week Ever, Letterman, soon SNL) to discuss the art of calling out an audience’s oversensitivity regarding such topics as race or bulldogs. The trio touch upon all the complications and potential depression of watching porn and end up highlighting a host of real-world gestures, scents, and compliments that do a better job of turning them on anyway. To close, everyone Talks Pee about Tim Minchin and his about-to-open Matilda, Mario Badescu and his magical skin creams, and Thai food as a whole.

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