A Funny Thing: Julia Wiedeman On Abuse and Not Laughing


Our story this week: something a little different. For a year now, we’ve been bringing you stories that we thought were funny, many of which came from disasters, traumatic events in the lives of the storytellers. It’s in many of our natures and especially in the nature of the kind of person who gets up on the stage to tell these stories for a room full of strangers, to laugh at the macabre and the dark, to smile and snark in spite of terror. For a comedian this irreverence is her first and prime instinct. A few weeks ago, comedian Julia Weideman took the stage at the UCB East in New York and wrestled that instinct to the ground. When the dust cleared, we had a story, one she had never told before, with no punch lines, no clever similes, no witty rejoinders, and yet it was a story we knew we had to share with you.

Julia Wiedeman is the writer and star of the brilliant one-woman show, Naked People at the UCB theater in New York. If you’re quick you can catch her performing it tonight. Or, see her and her show at the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, March 21st through the 24th.

While Julia made it out alive, for many women the consequences of domestic and dating violence are far, far worse. One of the best organizations working to change this is Break the Cycle. Please visit breakthecycle.org to learn more and consider donating to the cause of helping  youth end the cycle of violence.

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