ABC Canceled Zero Hour After Only Three Episodes

ZERO HOUR - "Face" -- An explosive start to Hank's search for his wife, Laila, brings him and "Beck" to a near-death confrontation with White Vincent, who slips away in the Canadian Tundra. Now faced with more questions than answers - not just about his wife, but about his own existence - the search is on for the next clock. Determined to unlock the next clue in the hope that it will bring him closer to understanding his past and the woman he loves, Hank and Beck set course for India, where Hank is confronted with a bombshell discovery. Meanwhile, Rachel and Arron chase another path, which reveals the final journey of the mysterious Rose Commandant, on "Zero Hour," THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) Photo: Nicole Rivelli/ABC

Did you guys know that ABC's Anthony Edwards–starring Zero Hour premiered? Because it has already been canceled, after only three episodes. This isn't a huge surprise, as it wasn't doing so hot commercially or critically. Our Matt Zoller Seitz wrote: "I'm pretty sure there's nothing that Zero Hour could have done to make me like it more. Or like it. Even a little." And the last episode brought in a pretty terrible 1.0 rating/3 share in the 18 to 49 demographic. It's a shame they couldn't have had a quick finale where Edwards dies, because as Schmidt says, "Nobody does an onscreen death like Anthony Eds."