Bling Ring Teaser: ‘Let’s Go Shopping’


Please know that this is not the full trailer for Sofia Coppola's much-anticipated (at least by Nicole Richie fans) The Bling Ring, and that it only contains 40 seconds or so of Hollywood teen thief excitement. But yeah, this is exactly what we were hoping for from a Sofia Coppola tabloid extravaganza: loving shots of jewelry and palm trees; a closet full of Paris Hilton (self?-) portraits; Emma Watson making her best duckface for the camera; the classic posse rolling-down-the-street shot; and vodka-bottle sparklers. There's also the inevitable Sleigh Bells song, in case you weren't sure you were in a movie about awful teens. (Isn't it time for a new mean girls music cue? You can do it, indie acts of 2013!) Anyway, consider us onboard.