Clarissa Explains It All Returning in Book Form


Finally, it's the Clarissa Explains It All book the world has been waiting for. According to EW, Clarissa creator Mitchell Kriegman is writing a where-is-she-now book about Clarissa Darling called Things I Can't Explain, which is tentatively scheduled to come out in 2014.

[The] novel will follow 23-year-old Clarissa as she tries to carve out a career as a journalist and deals with the obstacles toward becoming a real adult: finding and keeping a job in a turbulent economy, the luxury of a first apartment without roommates, figuring out how to deal with parents all over again, and unexpected feelings for a really cute guy who — of course — has an on-and-off again girlfriend.

Clarissa was 17 or so when the show ended in 1994, which means a 23-year-old Clarissa is probably struggling to explain Y2K. It was a confusing time for everyone, Clarissa, don't feel bad.