The Cosby Show’s 12 Best Musical Moments


We’re thinking about The Cosby Show a lot today, as it took on The Simpsons in our Sitcom Smackdown. The classic comedy’s theme song was fantastic, but its most memorable musical moments were buried within the episodes themselves. Like when B.B. King stopped by the house of Huxtable. And when the family saw Lena Horne sing for Cliff's birthday. Better than the real-life legends, though, were the occasions on which the Huxtables themselves got in the musical mood. In an attempt to create the definitive ranking of the music on The Cosby Show, we dug through 202 episodes and came up with the twelve most memorable performances, putting them in order of worst to best. Though: ouch. The use of the word worst in relation to The Cosby Show feels like pushing one’s father into a snowbank. How about we change it to “from incredibly winning to most incredibly winning”? We love you, Dad!