Don’t Hold Your Breath for Another ‘Simpsons’ Movie


If you’re hoping for a sequel to 2007’s Simpsons Movie, it looks like it’s gonna be a while - if it ever happens. Speaking at an entertainment symposium this weekend, creator Matt Groening seemed pretty unenthusiastic about another movie based on the show, now in its 24th season. On the topic of the first movie, Groening said, “It took us four years, and it killed us,” adding that the movie “stole animators from the show” and took up other resources. You’d think that the movie grossing over $500 million worldwide would prompt everyone involved to rush to make a second one, but that’s not the case. Director David Silverman, also at the panel, estimated, “Maybe another 10, 15 years.” The Simpsons will be in the Season 34-39 range by then, if it continues to be uncancelable.