Gucci Mane Wanted for Assault

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Unfortunately, it seems that the recent feel-good story of Gucci Mane falling asleep during his big Spring Breakers sex scene will be overshadowed by  more typical Gucci news: Cops in Georgia have issued an arrest warrant for the rapper, who has been accused of attacking a fan at an Atlanta club. To make matters worse, the alleged  victim, 32-year-old James Leonard Lettley, is a soldier who recently returned from Afghanistan. In an interview with a local news channel, Lettley (who was out celebrating his birthday when the incident occurred) said that he approached a security guard in the club's VIP section and said, "I'm in the military. I wanted to get a picture with Gucci Mane, is it okay?" According to the police report, Gucci responded to the request by hitting Lettley in the head with a champagne bottle, "causing a severe laceration" that required ten stitches at a nearby hospital. Gucci then fled the scene, though a police spokesman said that he's "sure he'll want to reach out and contact us" now that he knows he's wanted for aggravated assault.